Welcome to Best Rates Towing & Plowing

Best Rates Towing & Plowing can do more than rescue your disabled car and remove snow from your parking lot.

Thanks to our new wash bay, we’re growing our reputation for outstanding auto detailing and pressure-washing services. And after the wash we can apply Fluid Film to the undercarriage to protect your vehicle from the ravages of salt on the road and in the air.

We offer transportation services to move your high-end vehicles and show cars across the country, and we can store vehicles that need to be kept out of harsh winter weather. Speaking of winter, we can remove, store and then install your winter tires.

In the spring, summer and fall, our specialized equipment can help you landscape a yard, plant trees, build a driveway or grade your road.

We’ve services for all seasons!

Fluid Film is an Eco-Friendly Powerful Corrosion Protection and Lubrication for the Green Industry. This is an affordable solution for protecting the under body of your vehicle during the harsh Maine winters!