All About Charity Auction

Hosting a charity auction is a great way for nonprofit organizations to raise money. Auctions have the potential to bring in thousands of dollars on a single night.

What makes the difference in a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars is how well the online charity auction is run. Two other things that determine a successful auction are happy guests and large charity earnings.

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Hosting happy guests will allow your charity auction to raise even more money. To make your guests happy, it is important to keep them entertained. The following are a few ways to keep your guests entertained.

Free Alcohol – Make sure the alcohol runs freely at your charity auction event. An open bar will allow everyone to have a great time. The alcohol selection won’t matter, just make sure attendees are able to drink on demand.

Seating Chart – Guests won’t feel as comfortable sitting next to a stranger rather than their good friends. Be sure to arrange the seating according to how well people know each other. Place friends and acquaintances next to each other so they feel more comfortable during the bidding process.

Silent Auction vs. Live Auction – Both silent and live auctions are effective for your charity event, although too much of either is going to affect your charity earnings negatively.

If every item is set up as a silent auction, people will find this boring and might not be as willing to donate. Likewise, with live auctions, too many of these will force guests to sit around and wait for the auction of their choice