Common Myths About Web Scrapping

Web Scraping is illegal

Many people have the wrong impression of web scraping. This is because some people do not respect the great work on the Internet and use it to steal content. Using scraping software is not illegal, but the problem comes when people use it without permission of the site owner and ignore ToS (Terms of Service).

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Web scraping and web crawling is the same

Web scraping involves the extraction of specific data on the targeted web pages, for example, extract data about sales leads, real estate listings and product prices. Instead, web crawling is what search engines do. This scan and index the entire site, along with internal links.

You can scrape any website

It often happens that people ask to scratch things like email addresses, posting Facebook or LinkedIn information. According to an article entitled "Does the web crawling law?" it is important to note the rules before making web scraping.

You need to know how to code

A (data extraction tools) web scraping tool is very useful on the professional non-tech as marketers, statisticians, financial consultants, bitcoin investors, researchers, journalists, etc. Business launched one kind of feature – web scraping templates are preformatted scrapers which includes more than 14 categories in more than 30 sites including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay, Instagram and more.

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