Frameless Glass Pool Fence

The stories are shocking and horrifying, but we hear them all too often. A child wanders off, falls into a pool and drowns.

Whoever hears about these events is pained at the tragedy, but for pool owners, there's something proactive you can do to prevent such a terrible event from ever taking place on your property: install a frameless glass pool fence around your pool.

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This is more than just a cautious and compassionate act, it is the law. Because of the very real dangers that open pool areas present, Australia has pool fencing legislation requiring pool owners to protect the public – and their families – by putting up a safe and secure fence around their pool.

Children aren't the only ones at risk. There are also many incidences of pets who fall into pools and drown each year. Another group at risk are the elderly.

An elderly adult who suffers from Alzheimer's disease or some other such form of dementia is also in danger of drowning should they wander off – which happens to be more common than you'd think – and find themselves in the area of a pool.

For many pool owners, the real danger that an open pool presents, as well as the legal obligation, are reason enough to put up a fence. But while it's something that needs to be done, an obvious concern is how the fence will negatively impact the outdoor aesthetics.

Chain fences are generally unattractive. Wooden or iron fences can be decorative, but they chop up the landscape in a harsh manner, making it seem smaller, less open, and altogether less appealing.

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