Get T-Shirt with Superior Screen Printing

Screen printing is achieved by simple movements of the wrist, the same movements that you do to ensure that you take all the ink on your squeegee knife. Just to pop this and release the screen, the film must be done a little faster.

Finally, when you flash between passes, you have to wait until the shirt becomes a little cold so that you print again. Screen Printing in Colorado provide Plastisol, Discharge, Water Based inks and much more option you select, you will receive high-quality custom screen printed t-shirts, shirts, polos, jerseys, and other apparel.

This is much easier to achieve on some press stations because it allows the palette to cool. At one press station, you may have to wait a while and wave your hand on the pallet to cool it down.

If the ink is too hot from the previous flash, you might have trouble cleaning the screen because the ink wants to stick instead of removing the mesh. This can also cause the ink to heal partly in the net.

White ink tends to reflect heat instead of absorbing it. The best way to cure white is to use a conveyor belt dryer, but if you use a flash dryer you want to make sure that all designs get the same amount of heat.

One of the best ways to ensure proper healing is called a stretching test. Because your white image will be slightly thicker, this test is easy to read. After your shirt has healed, just take a small part of your design and stretch it slightly between your fingers.

If the design sticks together like plastic and stretches well, then it is healed and you can continue with the curing parameters. However, if the ink is cracked or broken, this means the ink base is not recovering properly and you need to increase the drying time for the shirt.