Other Services

If you’ve got a job around your home or business, we’ve probably got the equipment to handle it. We do landscaping, all sorts of vehicle transportation, and of course, towing and plowing.

Landscaping: When you need special equipment to grade for a new lawn, add a new walkway or build a driveway, Best Rates has the equipment and expertise to help.

We can help you plant trees or bring in equipment that will chip and haul away after your annual yard clean-up. Our dump truck can deliver up to seven yards of fill or other material.

Vehicle transportation: We can haul your specialty car to medium-duty truck on one of our ramp trucks or in an enclosed or low-clearance hydraulic trailer.

Vehicle storage: When the weather is cold and dry – especially during the winter – your motorcycle is not immune to damage even though it may be under cover.

It is susceptible to expansion and contraction as temperatures change, dust, condensation, oxidation and other things that reduce the life of your ride. Let us help.

Winter tire storage: When it’s time to remove your winter tires, come see us! We’ll remove them, store them and then install them for you when winter weather returns.

Keeping checking — we’re constantly looking for ways to help you protect your vehicles!