Beautiful Attractions to Experience in Japan


Bold and beautiful mountains, picturesque islands, stunning temples, beautiful lakes, mesmerizing waterfalls are just a few handfuls of reasons that make Japan a wonderful and beautiful country. If you know someone who has been to Japan, they will tell nothing short of the best things they got to do. Visiting Japan for the first time? These are some of the best and beautiful attractions you need to experience.

  1. Taking a Looping Trip Around Hakone – This place is known to offer a chance to appreciate its beautiful surroundings by sitting inside a cruise pirate ship. As you sail along, you will be moving in the form of a loop.
  2. Cherry Blossom During Spring – You are bound for a treat if you’re traveling to Japan especially during the spring. During this time around, the streets of Japan are surrounded by cherry blossom that looks nothing short of spectacular. Moreover, locals come together to cook food by considering cherry blossoms as the main theme.
  3. Try Attempting to Witness Mount Fuji – Many locals and tourists try to attempt in reaching the top spot around Mount Fuji. Standing handsomely at 3,776 meters in feet, this mountain often serves as the iconic landmark of Japan where you will be witnessing volcanic eruptions. While during the winter, you will find the top portion of the mountain covered with snow allowing you to take a few memorable pictures.

These are some of the most beautiful attractions to experience in Japan. Make sure you get the best deal for Japan Tokyo tour if you’re going to spend more time in this city.

Japan: Land of the Rising Sun

A ‘Western’ country, Japan is located in the Far East, in the Pacific Ocean, and has China, two Koreas and Russia as the neighboring states. This country and its people have very peculiar features, an original culture, rich history, and amazing landscapes.

The main feature that the tourists immediately notice in Japan is carefully looked after the natural environment. Any territory, even the smallest strip of land among the skyscrapers, should necessarily be decorated with a tiny lawn.

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Any pond can be turned into a tiny nature reserve that the residents of the community consider their shrine. Carefully preserved historic monuments and temples are scattered all over the country, and that is why Japan makes an unforgettable impression on everyone, who decides to visit it.

The symbols of the country are the biggest ‘holy gate’ in Japan called Wooden Door, Itsukushima shrine on the ‘sacred’ island of Miyajima, standing in the water in a small bay, and the famous beautiful volcano, Mount Fuji, surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Another icon of the country is Seto Ohashi Bridge, erected at the end of the 20th century over the Inland Seto Sea, from Honshu to Shikoku. Many ‘pearl farms’ in Japan are also interesting as tourist sites visited by thousands of tourists every year.

A lot of tourists also visit the temple of Toshogu Shrine, the Tokyo National Museum, the National Science Museum, the temple of Cannon goddess and many other places. In Tokyo, one will also find a complex of skyscrapers called Three Towers and the largest Harumi Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Some of the minor, but no less interesting museums include the Museum of Subway, the Museum of Glasses, the Museum of Plumbing, and the Museum of Bags, etc.