Security Tips for Construction Site

The two main sources of theft at most construction sites come from the community and from the construction site workers themselves. To provide proper construction site safety, a strong plan needs to be developed by the contractor, with strict policies on how tools and equipment are accounted for on a daily basis.

This is the first important step in developing an accountability plan. It's amazing how many contractors don't even realize that the tool is gone until the project is complete. You can find out construction site security services at

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Make plans to secure tools and equipment every night, giving special responsibility for securing those devices. Who will secure the tool? When will the device be secured? Where is the device secured? These are all questions that need to be answered.

Keeping a diary every day with a check sheet to ensure the device is secured will ensure that appropriate follow-up occurs. Stencil the company name on the tool or paint the tool in a bright color that allows you to identify it is a company tool from a distance also helps.

Having the right login for visitors will ensure that only authorized people are on site. I can walk freely in many construction sites without anyone asking me what my business is at that location. Having a badge can be very cheap and teaching workers to challenge anyone who does not wear proper identification can provide protection for your site from thieves who envelop the property.