Types of Timber Decking

Merbau – Merbau wood is generally more affordable than most other wood in the market. It is also resistant to rot and termites, and weather-sealed or not thrive in almost all climates.

Composite wood – Composites are manufactured timber constructed from a combination of plastic and wood recycling. There are several different manufacturers in the market and each differs slightly.

Note that not all composites suitable for hot climates so make sure that you talk to an expert before choosing wood composites. If you are searching for timber supplies then you can visit various online sources.

Treated Pine – Treated Pine is a Pine that has been treated with a chemical combination that confers resistance to pests and decay. It is available in various ranks of endurance so make sure you check with the manufacturer before making a choice.

Wood recycling – Recycled wood is used wood that has been salvaged from old wooden structures or replaced. Timber refurbished so it looks like new. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and will be unique in aesthetics.

Stirrups decking – Stirrup used to support the substrate decking and you must choose the right stirrup and install it with the quality of workmanship to ensure your deck is strong and sturdy.

Screw – Make sure that you choose a grade 304 Stainless Steel screws that are resistant to rust. Wing-Tek screws must be used when joining wood to metal.

Bolt – galvanized bolts are usually recommended.

Sealers – Once your deck has been constructed it must be regularly maintained with quality wood sealant will. The frequency with which you close your deck will depend on your choice of wood and environment/climate.